CEMAPP was developed to combat the growing problem of elder abuse throughout Manhattan. The Carter Burden Network, in collaboration with Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA), assists individuals over 60 years of age who reside in Manhattan as well as Roosevelt Island. CEMAPP is partially funded through the New York City Department for the Aging.

Elder Abuse Hurts Everyone. 

Elder Abuse affects both male and female seniors across all income groups, cultures and races. It is often called the “hidden problem” because elder abuse usually happens behind closed doors. Some victims of elder abuse may “suffer in silence” because they feel afraid, ashamed, confused, embarrassed, helpless, or unaware of how or where to get help.

What is Elder Abuse and Mistreatment?

Financial Abuse/Exploitation 
Illegal or unethical use of cash, credit cards
or other assets.

Psychological Mistreatment 
Insults, threats, name calling, isolating or
controlling behavior.

Failure to provide adequate food, medicine or other personal needs.

Physical Abuse
Shoving, poking, slapping, cutting, burning, sexual coercion,
or forcibly restraining.

Help is Available

No older New Yorker should feel afraid, ashamed, embarrassed or helpless. All New Yorkers should be aware of the signs of elder abuse and be ready to get involved to help keep the elderly safe.

The Community Elder Mistreatment & Abuse Prevention Program (CEMAPP) can help ensure their continued safety, and restore the respect and dignity they deserve through the following services:

  • Safety planning
  • Security Device Installations
  • Crisis and supportive counseling
  • Court advocacy (Housing and Family Court)
  • Legal guidance
  • Coordination with the police
  • Community education programs
  • A safe place to talk

For further information please contact:
Michelle Galligan
212-879-7400 ext. 116