The New York Health Act

The New York Health Act (A.4738/S.4840) proposes to establish a universal single-payer health insurance system in the state replacing the expensive, fragmented, and inefficient system dominated by commercial insurers. If passed, all out-of-pocket costs such as premiums (including Medicare Parts B and D), deductibles, and co-pays would be replaced by a progressive tax based on the ability to pay. Over 90% of New Yorkers would save on their overall health care costs through the administrative simplification that would occur, and through the ability of the state to negotiate lower drug prices and provide rational budgets to hospitals and other providers.

The savings would also ensure that all necessary services are covered, including long term care, dental, optical, pharmacy, mental health, and reproductive health. There would be no restricted provider networks.

Just recently, a long-term care component was added to the legislation. To read the plan proposed by PNHP NY Metro Working Group, click here. An addendum is now being constructed along the lines of the proposal and will be introduced in the 2019 legislative season.

To learn more about the New York Health Act check out the Campaign for New York Health at www.nyhcampaign.org.

To read the official bill, visit The New York State Senate.

A more comprehensive summary from the Campaign for NY Health can be found here and also in Spanish here.