The Carter Burden Network (formerly The Carter Burden Center for the Aging) was established by New York City Council Member Carter Burden in 1971. Burden, who represented the Upper East Side of Manhattan, founded the Center to assist the neighborhood's large number of older residents who were poor, in declining health and isolated.

From its small beginnings with one person working in the Council office, the Carter Burden Network has grown into an agency with 12 programs in 7 locations and more than 80 employees. Now we serve approximately 5,000 seniors every year across the borough of Manhattan, with a significant expansion into East Harlem and on Roosevelt Island in the past few years.

In 2016, The Carter Burden Center for the Aging underwent a rebranding process to become the Carter Burden Network in order to reflect this growth in the size and scope of our organization.

Carter Burden is no longer one center. It is a network of centers, programs and services that work together with government, corporate, individual and community partners to lead the way in aging services in New York City. 


A Historical Timeline of the Carter Burden Network