CBN offers a wide variety of opportunities to meet your interests. No matter your age, experience or schedule, CBN can accommodate your needs to ensure that you have a meaningful and effective volunteer experience. Opportunities can range from a one-time service day to a long-term volunteer commitment.


Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals:


Every day, seniors gather to socialize and enjoy a hot meal. The Carter Burden Network prides itself on serving restaurant-style meals made in our own kitchens and served on-site to our participants. Volunteers work both in the kitchen and dining room in food preparation, meal distribution, and cleaning capacities. 

Hours & Locations: Volunteer hours are from 10:30am to 1:00pm. Meal Service operates in two locations: Monday - Friday at the Carter Burden Luncheon Club & Senior Program located in the Upper East Side (351 East 74th Street) and Monday - Sunday at the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior Program located in East Harlem (312 East 109th Street). 


The Carter Burden Luncheon Club oversees meal delivery to homebound senior citizens living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Meal delivery volunteers not only provide the advantage of a daily lunch to our seniors but are able to interact with those they are benefitting face-to-face. Each meal delivery also serves as a status check and a friendly visit for seniors who are often unable to leave their home and receive few, if any, visitors. Meals are delivered on foot to clients living between 69th and 79th Streets, between 5th Avenue and the East River. Volunteers may deliver individually or in groups. Volunteers should be able to carry 5-10 pounds and walk up several flights of stairs comfortably. 

Hours & Location: Volunteer hours are from 10:15am to 12:30pm, Monday through Saturday. Volunteers may choose the frequency of their commitment, from a one-time experience to a regular weekly route. The Meal Delivery Program operates out of the Upper East Side location. 

Class instruction & assistance

Volunteers lead classes by teaching seniors an array of different activities, exercises, and technology sessions. Some examples include, chair yoga, tai chi, computer classes, English as a second language, and piano instruction. 

Creative Art Assistants provide Instructors in our sewing, quilting and painting studios support by assisting seniors with guidance and instruction on developing creative pieces of art. 

Hours & Location: Time commitment is flexible and location is to be determined. 


Every month, over 100 of our seniors benefit from the local food pantry. Volunteers facilitate pantry operations by assisting the staff with different tasks including: unloading the delivery, packing bags of food and loading the bags into our van. 

Hours & Location: Volunteer hours are from 8:30am to 10:30am or from 9:00am - 11:00am, the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Adult Social Day Program located at 301A East 99th Street. 



Volunteers participate in social visits with seniors who share common interests and hobbies. They serve as companions, and may play a game, take a walk, or chat about current events, etc. This is an on-going volunteer opportunity.

Hours & Locations: Time commitment is flexible. Visits occur at least twice a month (1 to 2 hours) at seniors' home or outside (coffee shop, museum, etc.). Seniors are located in the Upper East Side or East Harlem neighborhoods. 



Volunteers assist seniors at the supermarket, or they may shop and deliver groceries to seniors who are unable to leave their home. This is a great way to get to know a senior and it also serves the crucial function of ensuring that seniors have food in their homes. This is an on-going volunteer opportunity.

Hours & Locations: Time commitment is flexible. Volunteers assist seniors two or more times a month in the Upper East Side or East Harlem neighborhoods. 



Volunteers make calls to seniors serving as a status check. The calls can be brief or lengthy, and topics range from the weather to the seniors’ personal interests. Over time, we find that some of the seniors and volunteers forge long term relationships via phone. This is an on-going volunteer opportunity.

Hours & Location: Time commitment is flexible. Volunteers can call seniors seven days away a week from a remote location (work, home, etc). 

special events & holidays

Throughout the year, the Carter Burden Network hosts large events and holiday parties for our seniors. Volunteers assist with the planning and day-of production of these large events.

Hours & Location: Time commitment is flexible and location is to be determined. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us as an individual or if you have questions, please contact Holly Hedemark, Director of Volunteer Services, by email at hedemarkh@carterburdennetwork.org or at 212-423-9665 ext. 423.