Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Carter Burden Network.

For more than four decades, Carter Burden has been leading the way in aging services in New York City, giving voice to vulnerable seniors who otherwise might not be heard, providing innovative services of the highest quality and opening our doors to all.  We have grown from a single center to a network of programs and locations in Manhattan that serves more than 5,000 older New Yorkers every year. We help a growing number of older people lead richer lives with dignity and support. 

Carter Burden Network provides a caring community that addresses seniors’ unique needs, inspires their creativity and empowers their sense of purpose and value.  Our broad array of programs and services nourish the mind, body and spirit. We provide opportunities for seniors to form connections that enrich their lives and offer vital resources that support independence.

This year we celebrate two 10th Anniversary program milestones – the opening of the Carter Burden Gallery in 2009, a unique gallery that exhibits contemporary and vibrant works of art from professional re-emerging older artists, as well as the launch of  Making Art Work, our multi-faceted arts program that brings quality art classes taught by professional teaching artists to our seniors of all skill levels encouraging them to discover their inner artist.

From art and music programs to Tai Chi and workshops on caregiving and health and wellness, from sewing classes and field trips to critical social services and life-sustaining meal programs, we are committed to empowering and inspiring seniors to live healthy, creative and vibrant lives.

Even in this city of 8 million people, it’s easy for seniors to feel invisible, vulnerable and isolated. At the Carter Burden Network, we fight these challenges with love and belonging through our quality programs and services. Aging in New York City can be a challenge. Feeling loved and inspired should never be.

To all our seniors, friends, partners and supporters: the Carter Burden Network is your home. This is your network and our promise to you is:

We will always go above. You will always belong.

William J Dionne Signature.png

William J. Dionne
Executive Director