Making Art Work is a multi-faceted program that provides access to arts and arts education at senior sites throughout New York City. It offers a community for seniors where they can be creative, learn new skills and crafts, and socialize with others through group activities and art classes. Making Art Work keeps seniors active and engaged through art and socialization, which reduces isolation and improves the overall health and well-being of participants. With the opening of the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Center in 2012, the additional space has allowed us to expand the Making Art Program dramatically, making Covello a major art center in the senior community. The teaching staff is constantly developing new projects and initiatives that can bring art to people who might not otherwise have opportunities to participate in creative arts programs. 

Making Art Work Programs:



Making Art Work offers various classes for seniors to learn new skills including watercolor, quilt making, jewelry making, sewing, doll-making and more. Many of these classes are at the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Center in East Harlem. Discretionary funding from New York City Council members allow us to also provide free classes in Central Harlem, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side. Classes are taught by Making Art Work teaching artists Liz Curtin and Diane Schneck, elite craft artists with years of experience in a wide range of techniques, as well as skilled consultants. 

Participants in the senior center art classes often donate their handmade items to charitable groups within their communities such as hospitals and homeless shelters .


Every year, the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Center and the Carter Burden Luncheon Club each host their own fashion show, where seniors walk the red carpet in clothing and jewelry made in Making Art Work classes at the centers. The theme of the fashion show is to celebrate beauty at any age and gives seniors the opportunity to show off they hard work and talents. 



Downstairs Art is a gallery located on the lower level of our headquarters on Manhattan's Upper East Side that shows the work of many disciplines including mixed media, collage, fiber art, photography, and painting. The gallery features work by artists aged 60 and up, including professional artists, senior center art and craft students, and social work clients. Each show has an opening and artists' reception attended by family, friends, and CBN staff. Liz Curtin, Making Art Work's teaching artist, serves as curator and coordinator for the gallery. 

Gallery Viewing Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm, except holidays

Contact Liz Curtin at 212-423-9665 or curtinl@carterburdennetwork.org to make an appointment or for more information about the gallery. 


Each year, the Carter Burden Luncheon Club on the Upper East Side hosts a Christmas Day Party for seniors in the area that seats 160 people. As part of the Making Art Work program, teaching artists and seniors created over 350 handmade ornaments over three years for the Christmas tree that is put up at the center. The impressive array of ornaments are made from techniques including knitting, crochet, paper arts, embossed metal, sewn felt objects, mixed media and more. There are also trees with handcrafted ornaments at the Carter Burden Leonard Covello Center, Lehman Village, and Metro East 99th Street Adult Day Program. 

For further information on Making Art Work, please contact:
Liz Curtin, Teaching Artist

Diane Schneck, Teaching Artist