We understand the pride you take in your independence. And when you make Carter Burden Network activities, programs and services part of your daily routine, living life the way you want becomes healthier, safer and easier to achieve. The Carter Burden Network is comprised of four senior centers in New York City. Each location offers unique programs for seniors living in the surrounding areas. 

It starts with Congregate Meal Programs at our Senior Centers, where delicious meals with new neighbors create lasting friendships. Our Senior Centers are places where meals, activities and counseling are offered to all and are consistently unique. Where sitting down for lunch launches friendships and signing up for workshops sparks knowledge. Where creativity is nurtured and artistry embraced. Where there’s pleasure in finding new paths to physical and mental wellness. 


Carter burden/leonard covello senior program

The Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior Program is located in East Harlem (312 East 109th Street) and offers social, recreational and educational activities for any individual over the age of 60. Art workshops, health workshops and a caregiver resource program are only a small portion of what this program offers.


Carter BURDEN luncheon club & senior program*

Our Luncheon Club & Senior Program is located on the Upper East Side (351 East 74th Street) and provides a variety of activities for seniors over the age of 60.

*Effective September 11, 2019, this location is closed for renovation. Click here to learn about the status of an alternative location.



The Lehman Village Senior Program is an uptown satellite of the Leonard Covello Program. It provides many of the same resources as the Covello Program although mostly caters to individuals living in the Lehman Village Houses. 


CARTER BURDEN Roosevelt island Senior center

The Roosevelt Island Center is Carter Burden's newest senior center. The center is a satellite of the Carter Burden Luncheon Club & Senior Program, and offers a social, educational and cultural services parallel to the services of the Luncheon Club. 



The Carter Burden Network offered two Adult Day Programs: The Carter Burden Metro East 99th Street Adult Day Program and the Carter Burden C.V. Starr Adult Day Program.  These programs are no longer available effective 12/30/17.