Annual Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior Fashion Show

On Friday, March 31st, the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior Program in East Harlem hosted its annual Fashion Show. More than 20 senior citizens transformed into runway models and took to the catwalk.

The models were treated to an authentic backstage makeover experience made possible by a generous corporate partnership with Macy’s. More than 20 Macy’s volunteers applied make-up donated by Elizabeth Arden and styled the seniors’ hair to create a professional fashion show experience.

The seniors strutted the runway dressed to the nines in their finest formal wear, jewelry, and accessories, as well as traditional ethnic clothing with Chinese and African flair. Several of the models also wore outfits that they personally designed and sewed onsite at the Macy’s Creative Arts Center, a sponsored program at the Covello center.

William Dionne, Executive Director of the Carter Burden Network and emcee of the event, said, “The joy and energy of our annual fashion show embodies our mission to bring together and lift up the senior residents of our culturally vibrant city. Through our wonderful partnership with Macy’s and a generous donation from Elizabeth Arden, Carter Burden is proud to create an experience that delights and uplifts everyone involved and instills a real sense of community and belonging.”

Photo Credit: Hechler Photographers