(Friday, April 5, 2019 – New York, NY) – More than 20 senior citizens took to the catwalk today and strutted their stuff at the Carter Burden Network Annual Fashion Show. The event took place at the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior Center (Covello) in East Harlem. Covello is one of four NYC-based senior centers in the Carter Burden Network (CBN). 

Featuring professional backstage preparation by makeup artists provided by event sponsor Macy’s, seniors were dressed ‘to the nines’ modeling formal wear, jewelry and accessories, as well as traditional ethnic clothing with Chinese, Indian, Hispanic, and African flair. Some of the models wore outfits that they personally designed and sewed onsite in the Sewing Construction class in the Macy’s Creative Arts Center at Covello.

In addition to providing makeup artists and volunteers for the show, Macy’s also provided gift bags with makeup and beauty products for the models.

William J. Dionne, Executive Director of the Carter Burden Network, who served as the event’s emcee, said, “Today is the day our seniors look forward to all year long! I am so proud of everyone who put their hearts into today’s fashion show. Our seniors wowed us with their grace, beauty, and talent. And everyone had a blast. We are so grateful to Macy’s for, once again, helping to make our seniors look and feel their best today and for all of their significant contributions to the Carter Burden Network throughout the year.”

Officers from the New York Police Community Affairs Department at the NYPD 23rd Precinct served as escorts for the models.

Also in attendance were Susan L. Burden, Carter Burden Network Founding Board Member; Margaret Smith, Board Vice Chairman; and Board members Kathryn B. Cashman, Duane F. Hampton, Tim McChristian, Robin Bell-Stevens and Joy Salvador.

A big thank you to event sponsor, Macys, who provided volunteers for the show once again, the make-up and their professional make-up artists, and gift bags filled with beauty products for the models.

Here is the link to the full gallery of photos: Carter Burden Fashion Show 2019 - Hechler Photographers (password = carter). Please feel free to share these photos however we kindly ask that you credit Hechler Photographers if you post them anywhere.

To view the Facebook live stream of the whole event, visit https://www.facebook.com/CarterBurdenNetwork/videos/1040654976322013/